Waste Solutions

Providing Better Technology For Environmental Sustainability 


Our vision is to reduce the amounts of environmentally harmful air, water, and land pollutants by providing better catalytic technology. Our catalytic systems are designed and engineered in Germany and are of the highest quality. We have developed catalytic technology that removes harmful volatile organic chemicals from the air. We have developed catalytic technology that converts plastic waste from our oceans and waterways into sustainable fuel alternatives to petroleum. We have developed catalytic technology that can be delivered onsite to landfills and transfer stations nationwide for converting a wide range of non-recyclable waste streams into sustainable fuel alternatives to petroleum. 


We offer catalytic air scrubber systems for removing harmful airborne volatile organic compound (VOC) pollution in the air without thermal afterburning of fossil fuels!  The catalytic air scrubbers are uniquely designed with our patented technology process of growing ceramic honeycomb “cubes” with non-precious mixed oxide catalyst crystals. Our technology for removal of harmful airborne VOCs has enjoyed tremendous success and rapid growth over the last three years with installations throughout Europe.


We can convert multiple waste streams into sustainable liquid fuel, using a carbon neutral, non-burning, pollution-less, catalytic process found in nature. Non-recyclable plastics, used carpeting,  municipal solid and/or liquid waste are just a few of the feedstock we can use. Catalytec's sustainable fuels are produced by converting various hydrocarbon feedstock, including non-recyclable plastics from landfills and transfer stations, plastic waste from oceans and waterways, post consumer carpeting and any other organic waste or residue stream, using our proprietary, low temperature, combustion-less, continuously operating system. We believe our proprietary and unique CFC 700 Systems™ can offer lower Capex and Opex costs, which translates into sustainable fuels at production costs below fossil fuels, bio-fuels and agri-based fuels.


We have been collaborating with a Fortune 500 company for the development of a new type of automotive catalytic converter filter produced through powder bed additive manufacturing and metal 3D printing. The filter incorporates our catalytic reactive material bonding and coating technologies. Our goal is aimed at 80% cost reduction in the manufacturing of automotive catalytic converters by substitution of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and other expensive noble metals with mixed oxide catalysts.


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